To bring about positive transformation of the global community


Developing servant leaders of integrity among leading university students and educators through accredited and extra curricular programs


To cultivate dynamic leaders we develop the whole person by imparting servanthood, integrity and inspiring personal transformation

In a highly competitive world, most students are driven to seek success. But what does it mean? What does it entail? Many strive for high GPA and fill their days with unending activities in the hope of having an edge over the competition. But what are employers looking for? Is it intelligent, self-confident, self-seeking individuals?  What character traits are needed and desirable? One very public secret that seems to elude most young candidates today is that the deal-maker or deal-breaker oftentimes lies in their character.

The internet has provided much information to the young generation. It is quick and easy; feeding their unquenchable thirst for information. But it misses the point that it is the person who is important. How is the individual’s personal character built? Does social media adequately or even gets near to tackling one’s searching issues of life, purpose and vision? In this digital era, where information (whether true or false) is vast but guidance is lacking, where teachers may be many but role models few, CEO Global was established as a platform where deep, authentic relationships between the youth and successful business leaders and mentors are built to bring about life-on-life transformation.

Our core curriculum (“The Way to Success”) has been constantly developed with the purpose of immersing students in a comprehensive learning experience where students, speakers and mentors engage in deep meaningful conversations; a holistic approach to whole-person learning and character development. Whether it be within the classroom-setting, summer camps, or mentor-mentee interactive activities, long lasting friendships are built, allowing our mentors who are also influential business leaders and educators in their respective fields to walk alongside students as they mature into successful servant leaders of integrity, with the passion to be a blessing within their communities.

Selfless vs self-serving leadership, integrity (not just what’s allowed), humility not arrogance, empathy, importance of true relationships as a family, ability to keep learning new things and reinvent oneself are all traits our young graduates embrace. Many describe their experience as “life changing” that “inspired other-centredness” as each explored how to “truly lead and pursue true success”.

The scope of our mentorship platform in character development has been extending to serve not only students, but also graduate students and working professionals. It has been encouraging to see young people impacting their communities through serving with compassion following the intensive training we give, and we intend to broaden our influence to a wider audience. We endeavour to leverage our global network to establish greater cross-cultural appreciation especially in the light of international misunderstandings and skepticism, and contribute in the development of a vibrant community devoid of acrimony, hate and divisiveness.


Since 2005, we have impacted over 83,802
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More than 36,133 university students have completed our dynamic training program,
The Way To Success.

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