Mentors Sharing:

I thank the Lord for giving me such a precious opportunity to serve on the CEO Global platform. As a consumed old battery that has retired from public service for years, I have been refreshingly recharged through the TWTS. Not only have I sharpened my interpersonal and leadership skills learning from the rich array of marvellous programme speakers, but also been rejuvenated by my association with the mentees, whose daringness, innovativeness and never-say-tired spirit have energised me in moving along with them in their service projects. Hardly could I imagine myself swinging my body and doing high-fives enthusiastically with the SEN kids in one of the Hong Chi projects. Praise to the Lord indeed.

As a mentor, TWTS is not just a place to serve but it’s also a place to learn. To bridge our understanding and perspectives across generations. To build future leaders through our investment of time and expertise. The impact of this program is mutual and helps both the mentors and mentees to realign our understanding of the workplace for today and into the future.

Working with the TWTS students is always a learning experience for me…their curiosity, desire to improve themselves, and interest in aligning with strong character and values is encouraging and well worth the investment in time and building relationships.  Developing rapport with the students and understanding what drives the younger generation is mutually beneficial.  As an added bonus, my involvement with TWTS is alongside my partner, which makes it all the more enjoyable and worthwhile for both of us!

My favourite part of the program [is in] being able to build relationship with other mentors and the students… My inspiration to join the program came from my working experience as a HR practitioner in the past 30 years, it is important to grow future leaders for the society and it has to start from the very beginning… My favourite part of TWTS has been seeing new students integrate themselves into this program throughout the weeks. Whether they were my direct mentees or other students who participated in the program, seeing them [get] involved within the classes gets me excited about the work that TWTS does and the impact on these students to explore the unchartered lands with missions and visions of their own.

After attending the TWTS course, the candidates have been exposed to understanding their values and establishing their life goals and vision.  Once in their positions, they are more adept to fulfilling their responsibilities in the work place.

The best moment was when the students came back for individual guidance in their CV preparation, reflecting they treasured my advice.

[The most memorable moment was] when students said that the program helped them to redefine their views of success, and that becoming a servant leader became a goal for them.

[The most memorable moment was] when the students really started to open up and share.

I learnt that even a small gesture of kindness can transform anyone, and that patience is the key to unlocking a child, allowing them to show their true potential… It is a very rewarding experience. It really changed the outlook I had towards life, and in a way also benefitted from the kindness and cuteness of the kids participating!

I was blown away with the group I was in this year.  The students’ vulnerability, care, and service to and for each other was utterly humbling. I’m going to struggle comparing any past and subsequent life group to this one.

Many lives were changed this week!…  May Sunshine Camp continue to grow, strengthen and form the future leaders of China!  So grateful for this ministry.

I believe in the mission and vision of CEO Global and I have been changed inside and in practice by the experiences I’ve had serving in Sunshine. It would be the honor of a lifetime to bring the energy and effect of Sunshine to the States or other countries. The potential impact of a program like this in those places long term is off the charts.

It is really humbling and meaningful to me because we can see the change and difference in the students over the week and it was just so awesome to witness it.

Sunshine Camp is ultimately about building a culture… the real value of the camp is living in the culture. Leadership is about building culture… Giving [the students] intentional tools will help transform both their leadership and bring cultural transformation.