From the Head to the Heart to the Hands

Upon entering university, students are inaugurated onto the quest for purpose.

What does it take to achieve success in life?

What kind of leader do I want to become?

What career suit my calling and strengths?

What role do my core values play in all of this?

How do I play a role in what’s unfolding in the world?

What are my core values and passion?

The answer to these fundamental questions may seem straightforward to some, and perplexing to others.

Instead of having to meander through these thick woods alone and put these pieces of puzzle together in the dark, a family of educational programs called The Way To Success (TWTS) are designed to provide students with:


The tools to pursue success with integrity


An open floor to discuss these topics with successful leaders from various professions and senior business executives


Guidance through this exploratory journey

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