Here is what our volunteers are saying:


Working with the TWTS students is always a learning experience for me…their curiosity, desire to improve themselves, and interest in aligning with strong character and values is encouraging and well worth the investment in time and building relationships.  Developing rapport with the students and understanding what drives the younger generation is mutually beneficial.  As an added bonus, my involvement with TWTS is alongside my partner, which makes it all the more enjoyable and worthwhile for both of us!

My favourite part of the program [is in] being able to build relationship with other mentors and the students… My inspiration to join the program came from my working experience as a HR practitioner in the past 30 years, it is important to grow future leaders for the society and it has to start from the very beginning… My favourite part of TWTS has been seeing new students integrate themselves into this program throughout the weeks. Whether they were my direct mentees or other students who participated in the program, seeing them [get] involved within the classes gets me excited about the work that TWTS does and the impact on these students to explore the unchartered lands with missions and visions of their own.


The best moment was when the students came back for individual guidance in their CV preparation, reflecting they treasured my advice.


[The most memorable moment was] when the students really started to open up and share.



I was blown away with the group I was in this year.  The students’ vulnerability, care, and service to and for each other was utterly humbling. I’m going to struggle comparing any past and subsequent life group to this one.

今年我所在的小组给我留下了深刻的印象。学生们敏感细心,体贴照顾,互相帮助, 他们成为了我对以往以及将来群体生活的参照。


我十分认同CEO Global的使命和愿景。为阳光国际夏令营服务的经历使我的内心和实践都发生了改变。